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About this Blog

This blog is intended namely as a forum to discuss the following; Software Internationalization,  Software Localization, Software Internationalization process’s, Software Localization process’s, Software Internationalization tools and Software Localization tools.

It is not intended as a forum to discuss documentation translation other than to the extent that there is integration between both process’s.

This blog invites everyone to submit comments, indeed submit articles to myself and I will publish them on this blog if appropriate and crediting the author.

Personally I have over 12 years experience in the Software Internationalization/Software Localization, Translation Industry having moved from Software localization engineering to my current role with Alchemy Software Development with responsibility for sales namely of the Alchemy Catalyst product.

Note thought that this blog is meant to be non-biased and while I will have articles specifically on Catalyst I invite anyone to submit articles and/or comment.


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