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Software internationalization, Pseudo Localization Poll Results

October 10, 2012

Alchemy Software Development conducted a number of online polls lately across approximate 300 unique webinar attendees.   One of the most important of these polls was setup up to make a first step towards advancing the tried and tested process of advanced pseudo localization by gauging this process’s utilization across attendees.

The basic finding of our polls were as follows:

41% of attendees currently have a Pseudo Localization process in place 59% of attendees currently do not have a Pseudo Localization process in place

To interpret these figures though we need to look further at the attendee base.

The attendee base was a very broad mixture of professionals with CTO’s, Software Developers, Localization managers, Localization Engineers, Localization Project Managers and Translators all being in attendance.   Additionally some of the above were from a Localization Service background, some freelance translators and freelance consultants and some were from development departments and localization departments within International Software Vendors.

I will follow with additional breakdown of the statistics.

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